Meg Michaelson
Meg Michaelson
Leading People to Their Highest Potential

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I've been studying meditation and intuition since 1998. I also practice Healing Touch and I've been trained through Healing Touch International. I earned my BA from the University of Minnesota, where I studied Speech Communications and Psychology, and I'm a graduate of CMED, Caroline Myss’ Educational Institute in Illinois.

I put my expertise in this field to work with individuals in private consultations and group workshops across the country. Using my knowledge of the chakra system and my spiritual insights, I gently guide others toward self-empowerment and the development of their own intuition.


Are you ready to take responsibility for your own healing and happiness? 





I work with you and your energy to balance your body and soul. We'll draw forth information that will help you become aware of the unhealthy patterns in your life as they relate to the blocks in your physical body, your unreleased emotions and where you may be disconnected with your soul-self. In these individual sessions, I will uncover not only your challenges, but also your untapped gifts.



In this 8-week workshop, I help 20 people learn to live more joyfully as they mindfully add more fun, play, authenticity and risk to their lives. Participants learn what tools, activities and exercises help them develop joy, confidence, healthy boundaries and more conscious reactions to their feelings. These things foster what I call "an abundant life."


loving with boundaries

Every relationship is predicated on boundaries. In 10 sessions held over the phone or via Zoom or Face-Time, we'll get acquainted with them. Because when those boundaries are overstepped, we get hurt. And having confidence in what they are will help you develop a healthier self.

Rebooting your Being

There is an important connection between your gut and your mind. In these one-on-one sessions, we create a healthier lifestyle for you that optimizes your gut and brain axes. With the help of natural supplements, essential oils, a healthier diet and a simple fitness routine, together, we detoxify your gut and clear your emotional blockages to help you feel your best.



Winter is quiet for many of us. It can give us time to reflect, breathe and grow. In 12 sessions held over the phone or via Zoom or Face-Time, I help people connect their souls with their physical lives on a very deep level, cleansing themselves, deepening their intuition and renewing their purpose.


Why Do I work with you remotely?

Well, in all my years of doing this, I've learned that people are more comfortable in a space they're familiar with – a space that's theirs. I'm also more comfortable in mine. And both of us being comfortable is important to the work we do together because it helps us be more open and receptive to one another's thoughts and energies.





"Meg’s work is tremendous. She offers practical ways to move forward and brings clarity to obstacles. She is a great communicator and verbalizes things in a way that a person can ‘get’ and take in. Meg is really someone I respect and turn to and I always feel much lighter, more positive and more clear afterwards.

/  Cathy  /


"Meg, thank you so much for all the amazing classes – chakras, and archetypes, among others – I have learned so much! And thank you for the private sessions. I am so impressed with how spot on you are, very insightful, yet with your gentle delivery, complete with helpful suggestions – amazing and empowering!"

/  Kris  /

"I have allowed myself to feel joy"

"Meg, Working with you has been such an incredible journey. Every session leaves me with more insights and greater direction to living my greatest good. Thanks for inspiring and helping me as well as those I’ve encouraged to meet with you. 

/  Wendy  /


"Meg, I have been working with you for more than three years now. You have opened my eyes to so many unhealthy emotional patterns I had not been seeing clearly. I no longer blame others when my life is challenging, and I have allowed myself to feel joy!"

/  Susan  /



Please contact me if you'd like to talk about booking my services for a special event or a corporate retreat.
Really, get in touch with me if you have any questions at all. I'd love to talk.